Somehow still a romantic in the twenty-first century.

Jeanne Moreau / production still from Jacques Becker’s Touchez pas au grisbi (1954)

Monty, Barbara Bel Geddes, and her husband at the Ice Follies, 1948



Connie explains how he deals with madly infatuated fangirls. Click through for HQ.

whoa shoot that last story

woman says she’ll divorce her husband for conrad veidt. but he wouldn’t want to divorce his wife for this stranger!
girl stopped studying because she loved conrad veidt so much. he told her that if she really loved him she’d continue her studies. she did.
Esmond Knight

Artist: Teresa Stratas
Track: Lonely House
Album: Stratas Sings Weill

Thèrése le Prat (1895 - 1966 ), Les Mains de Roger Desmares dans “Le manteau” d’apres Gogol ( compagnie Marcel Marceau)
Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes
Opera singer Rosa Ponselle, 1918